Pre-Paid Cards

guarantee of recognised brands and simplicity of use

There is no simpler card than Pre-Paid Card. Those products are meant to be easy-to-use anyplace. That's the main reason of their popularity. Visa and American Express (unfortunately we don't have Mastercards) produce millions of those cards for their customers. Every kind of card has its own fixed withdrawal limits (we listed them below). Pre-Paid Cards are accepted worldwide without any problems due to big brands dissemination.

Directions for use are similiar to those that appeal to Credit Cards. You will be able to withdraw money from APMs of most banks and pay in every shop that accepts card payments. There is no problem transfering currencies - both Visa and American Express converts them instantly during payment. There is one important advantage of Pre-Paid Cards - they aren't cloned, you buy unique card. Thanks to this there is no risk that proper owner of card will spend the money from it so you wouldn't have to ask us for another card in any case. If you value reliability and promptness the most - choose Pre-Paid Cards.

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Visa Classic

Daily withdrawal limit: $500

Visa Gold

Daily withdrawal limit: $1000

Visa Platinum

Daily withdrawal limit: $2000

American Express Personal $2000-$3000

Daily withdrawal limit: 100% of card value

American Express Serve $5000-$10000

Daily withdrawal limit: $2900 ($2500 in Arizona)

American Express Business $20000-$30000

Daily withdrawal limit: $5000